Best online poker sites for US players

poker black friday

On Friday 15th 2011, it became impossible for US players to play in real money games at Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and UB Poker.

This lawsuit and crackdown intended to hamper our personal freedom has devastated online poker in the United States. While this article is not about the reasons behind Black Friday, the point is that at this time very few choices are left for American players who love poker. Here are the best US online poker sites

Note that it is legal to play at these sites as they follow the US online gambling laws. Anyway it is not illegal to player online poker, all these laws only relate to the operators, not the players.

Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker used to be a second-tier room where casual players and good players looking for more peaceful pastures than the majors would congegrate. Not anymore.

After Friday Carbon Poker became the number one online poker room in the United States based on, the leading website for tracking online poker traffic. Indeed thousands of pokerstars and full tilt players who had lost the ability to play choose Carbon Poker as their new home.

Carbon Poker offers all the features that modern online poker players are looking for, plus more.

First, traffic is getting larger and larger due to the crackdown of the majors, so you will find a lot of action at the micro or low stakes, and even at the mid-stakes such as NLHE $5/$10. But not at the high-stakes, which have disappeared all over the board.

Of course the most popular game is no-limit Texas Holdem, but you will also find traffic in limit holdem, PLO and Omaha High-Low. They have plenty of SNGs and multi-table tournaments, plus freerols. If you join using our link here, you get a 200% bonus up to $500 plus entry in daily new depositor freeroll for two weeks.

A unique feature at Carbon Poker and this is the only US online poker site offering that is their bad beat jackpot. In a nutshell, in order to win this jackpot you need to lose a hand when you have a monster quad of sevens or higher and you are defeated by an even stronger hand. As the loser you will get 35% of the bad beat jackpot, which can reach a nice six figure number.

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Bodog Poker

Bodog Poker is another one of the best US online poker sites.

Based in the UK, Bodog Poker has been operating for over a decade. There are many benefits from playing at a great brand like Bodog.

First as Bodog was established in 1994 as an online gambling company, this is one of the online gaming product with the longest track record. And their reputation is excellent, always working to satisfy all players' demands and with an history of fair and secure games.

Another interesting feature at Bodog is that they have an integrated suite of games, not just poker but also sports betting and casinos games. Using a single wallet you can play at any of the wide range of Bodog offerings.

Regarding online poker they have good traffic and a great selection of ring games and tournaments.

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