How to keep track of my casino budget on iPhone

If you are playing at a mobile online casino using your iPhone, which is essentially playing at an iPhone casino, then keeping track of your casino budget is very simple and in effect is not different from doing it from a fixed location.

You can use your iPhone to make deposits and withdrawals and to check the balance of your account at any time and in any location on many modern online casino websites.

You simply open an account using your iPhone and make a deposit using a debit or credit card or one of the growing numbers of independent money transfer companies such as Neteller, Entropay, or Moneybookers.

When you wish to withdraw money the usual way to do so is into the same account that you used to make a deposit.

An alternative way is to use your network account.

This is not yet possible with all network providers, but one that does is Vodafone. You can manage all your casino banking though your Vodafone account and you settle it as you settle your monthly phone bill. If you get lucky Vodafone could end up owing you money.

At any time that you wish you can see your account balance and all of the deposits and withdrawals that have been made to and from it.

Some people are concerned that using their iPhone for any form of banking or money transfer is inherently unsafe so they are reluctant to do so. In fact this is not paranoia for although there has not been a threat to iPhone security there has to Android smartphones. That was in the form of a Trojan horse called Zeus which emanated from Russia.

Certainly it is inadvisable to carry out money transactions on your iPhone over a public Wi-Fi network - even if it is password protected. It is very easy to hack into these and steal your account information although you are perfectly safe if you use your own private protected Wi-Fi network.





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