PokerTableratings Review

What is Pokertableratings and why use it?

Pokertableratings overview is a site which provides a variety of useful tools for online poker players. Some of the free services which are on offer include vital statistics such as a player's long term winnings/losses on major poker sites, filtered by game and stakes, so you can know if a player is beating a specific limit. This information in itself attracts a lot of visitors to the site.

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In addition, the site keeps records of online player's individual sessions and big hands, and they also have a buddy list feature with email alerts and a variety of reports to gain insight on the tendencies of a specific player.

With the information which is provides on this site, players are able to learn more about their opponents without even having to play with them.

While what they offer for free on this site is valuable in itself, the Premium content on PTR is what you really what to check out if you want to take your poker game to the next level. The PTR Premium Service basically expands on the stats and data which is provided for free on the site.

Hand Histories

The main product on the site is that you can buy hand histories. PokerTableRatings data mines No Limit Hold'em and Omaha online cash games across various online poker rooms, so all that players have to do is purchase these hand histories from the site and import them into poker software tools like Holde'm Manager or Pokertracker for analysis. It is possible for players to check how old the hand histories are before making the purchase.

Pokertableratings Tools

Some of the most powerful tools on PTR is the My Buddy List, Table Finder, and Premium Hand Replayer.

The My buddy list permits players to add online players to your buddy list so that you can receive email notifications when they playing online. So if you happen to be playing with a fish, you can add them to the buddy list and keep a track of when they are playing so you can join them at the table.

The Table finder which comes as part of the Premium services enables you to find the best tables without even opening your online poker room, displaying key stats such as the table average VPIP, PFR and Agg Factor. This feature is very useful when searching for bad players and makes table selection much easier.

There actually is a free replayer available to members, but the Premium Hand Replayer has received some major improvements recently and players get to see HUD stats such as VPIP, PFR, 3bet and Aggression Frequency as well as a pop up that includes some other stats. The revamped player allows you to watch entire sessions or sort through specific hands from a session.

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PokertableRatings is definitely worth checking out for any serious online poker players who need to sharpen their poker skills and take their game to the next level.

PokerTableRatings gives its users a free trial for 2 weeks, which is plenty of time to decide whether the premium content on the site is useful or not. So if you are looking to purchase hand histories you should consider purchasing them at Pokertableratings.

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One final word about buying additional observed hand histories. This is particularly helpful when:

  1. you are trying to climb to a higher stake level.
  2. you are trying a new online poker room.

Instead of having an empty database and playing blindly, this gives you the ability to immediately start with a database already full of information about the regular players.

Pokertableratings is available for the following poker rooms: Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, PartyPoker, 888Poker, Bodog Poker, Absolute Poker, UB Poker the Ongame Network (Bwin, EuroPoker, HollywoodPoker, RedKings) and many more.

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