a good sports betting system

I recently came across an interesting sports betting system.

I do not know anything about a sports betting system except that there was recently a movie about it with Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey.

I mean, like everyone else I know that sports betting is a very big business (billions of dollars per year), as Americans in particular are crazy about sports and love to make huge bets.

I do not even know the exact rules. The only rules I know are for soccer as I am French. Basketball, I kind of know the rules (yes, get it inside the basket). Baseball, omg, no idea. And foolball, it is like European rugby, is it not. Roughly. So I never ventured into any kind of sports betting system. I had never made a sports bet.

One day I browsed this site by chance, sports betting champ, and it says that it has so far an outstanding track record, plus you do not need to know anything about these sports.

The sports betting website in question is run by John Morrison, who holds a Ph.D. in Statistics from Cornell University. I know what that means as I have myself a Ph.D. in Statistics from Columbia University. What that means and let us leave modesty aside for a minute sorry, is that very few people could make a more thorough analysis of this betting system.

A Ph.D. in Statistics is not enough to solve such complex questions though. One also need to have the passion about what they are doing. John has spent more than a decade on this, almost full time in the past five years. You have to be a sports enthusiast to spent the uncountable hours to solve sports betting. I am not one (but I enjoy watching sports once in a while). But John Morrison is a total sports freak.

It is too good to be true.

This was my first reaction. John says that he reaches 97% accuracy, how could that be? There are three reasons beyond his outstanding research and qualifications:

  1. Few bets: unlike many sports betting system fans, this system bets very rarely, for about only 3% of the games; this way, it only selects the matches with the highest statistical expectation.
  2. Low risk bets: the system only makes low leverage bets, i.e. bets where the two possible outcomes are close; this sports betting system could never work using highly risky bets such as 10:1; using low risk bets makes it all possible.
  3. Bet in series: finally the system will sometimes make a series of up to 3 bets, where only one needs to be a winner for the system to be profitable.

Once you sign up for John Morrison's sports betting system, you will become a lifetime member of his email list. And he will email you each time before he makes a bet himself. He has been using the system himself for a few years, and made and continue to make a lot of money.

I do not know much about any sports betting systems but I was interested to have a look. As John's product seemed like a cheap way to get my feet wet, I enrolled at the beginning of the year. So far the system has met its unbelivable expectations, and I have made an excellent profit. But I only invested $100 for my first bet. Maybe I should have bet more, I could have make a killing. This is easy to say with the benefit of hindsight.

John Morrison's website