Play Poker well after winning big

The title of this article may make you wonder why you should worry about what to do after winning big.

And it may sound unnecessary to be too concerned about this type of situation, but rather worry about what to do after losing small or big. Because after losing, tilting and throwing control away are going to be so much more costly, should you not worry about that first?

Winning streaks may have a negative effect on your game

The key point here is that any leak or sub-optimal play will have a negative repercussion on your win rate, and it does not matter when and how it occurs. So if you want to perfect your online poker skills, it is a good idea to keep on reading about this less well-known type of leak.

A winning streak at poker may affect your judgment and lead you to miss out on even larger poker profit opportunities.

The reason for that is that after a big win, most players want to protect their profit and change the way their play. Most players indeed, except the most stoic & solid players who know this leak and even seek it in others. And the maniacs, who never know how to stop anyway.

This type of situation may occur both in live games or online poker rooms, either in ring games or in tournaments. For example at an online ring game, if you see a player with a stack of 150BB or more, he may be exposed to this effect as his stack is too deep. Especially if you cover him.

Next is an example of a hand that occurred to Johnny Chan at a ring game, which is a perfect example of how a master poker player knows how to seize this type of opportunities.

Winning streaks make you an easy target for big bluffs

In this NLHE cash game, Henri who is an amateur player was up about $100k and Johnny knew that this was a large profit for him. Henri raised pre flop and Johnny called from behind with 76s. As Henri is a rather straightforward player, Johnny thought that he had a big pair or AK, so his play was to either hit the flop big or bluff Henri.

The flop came A95, giving Johnny a gut shot. Johnny Chan thought that the only dangerous hand here was AA, which Henri will certainly not fold. But as low pairs were not expected, the chance of Henri holding a set was slim. If Henri has a high pairs except AA, it was at risk with one ace of the board. A finally a hand like AK could be made to fold with a reasonable bet.

Henri made a continuation bet without hesitation. Johnny thought for a while for dramatic effect, then made a very big raise. The message was that if Henri wanted to stay in the hand, he probably would have to commit his entire newly acquired stack. And clearly Johnny had either a strong hand or he was bluffing.

After a long hesitation, Henri reluctantly tossed his hand and we will never know what he had. What we know is that he did not want to put his big profit at risk, and that Johnny Chan executed the perfect bluff to use Henri's satisfied mindset against him. Note that the board was excellent by its simplicity for this type of move.

Not all players are easily bluffable, but one type of players who is a perfect target for a well-timed bluff, is the solid and straightforward type of player who just had a nice winning streak. His unwillingness to risk his profit will be a costly leak that the observant player can utilize.

Why not using this new weapon in your poker arsenal at a new poker room full of new players with leaks?

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