Why use Online Poker Training Videos?

One of the best-kept secrets in online poker is that online poker session videos recorded by top poker pros are one of the best, if not the best way to learn online poker.

You need to try them, and there is a little known way to try them for free at Pokersavvy Plus.

The benefit of Online Poker Training Videos

The difference between using online poker training videos and other learning methods is similar to the difference between learning how to drive from a book and learning how to drive driving a car with an instructor sitting next to you. You will avoid many traps by using them.

These coaching videos are recordings of one online poker session, usually lasting around one hour and this should preferably be the recording of a top online poker player playing his usual A-game.

The poker pro in question will open one or more tables, sometimes up to six but the preferred format for learning is between two and four poker tables opened on the same screen. Video quality is crucial especially at four tables. Often online poker players use a HUD overlay over each table and a clear image is necessary to see all the small numbers from the HUD in addition from other information from the table itself.

There are two methods for recording the sound:

  1. The poker pro speaks and talks about his strategy as the game unfold; this is highly insightful, as you will hear the poker pro say what he is doing and why, while you see his hole cards but the result of the hand is not known yet; then he may comment on the result at the conclusion of the hand.
  2. The poker pro records the audio at a later time; this is a less common format, but the advantage is that he can teach a more global picture type of lesson, as he knows the dynamics of that casino game; they may edit the video and add powerpoint slides to emphasize the crux of the material.

You will be able to find all poker game types and formats in the poker training videos that we discuss in the next section, heads-up, short-handed, full ring, multi-table regular tournaments, sit and gos, cash games, NLHE, LHE, PLO, HORSE, Stud, etc. You name it and you will find it in their library of recorded online poker training videos.

Pokersavvy plus training videos: great value

More specifically, nowadays you can access online poker training videos over the Internet from many different sources and the quality varies from garbage to top-notch. In fact anyone can record and publish such videos, so make sure to only watch the best, otherwise you would be wasting your time, or worse learning bad play from average players.

The best poker training video website to our knowledge is Pokersavvy Plus.

Pokersavvy plus stands apart in the coaching videos crowd for a number of reasons:

  1. The quality of the pros is the highest possible as the team of instructors is made of top poker players; WPT title winner Mike Watson belongs to pokersavvy plus; also David "Ansky" Stern who finished 4th in the 2009 WSOP $40k NLHE event, pocketing $548k; Mike Matusow used to be part of pokersavvy plus and they still have 24 videos from him.
  2. The quality of the teaching is high; it seems that every player has been told how to speak in the most educational and entertaining possible way; in any case they focus only on the important concepts related to the game being played, not just implied odds.
  3. The quantity of the videos is unmatched; they publish a new poker video every day of the week, so this is 260 new videos per year; they currently have almost 500 videos from about 20 poker players covering all poker game variations and formats.
  4. They have additional material on top of their online poker training videos; there is an active forum where the pros participate; and the pros write blogs as well as strategy articles.
  5. You can download the videos to your computer and watch them at any time in the future, even if cancel your membership; pokersavvy plus is the only coaching poker site offering this benefit; in all other websites, either you cannot download, or if you can you always will need an active membership for watching them (even though the videos are on your computer).
  6. They offer a 7 days free trial, at absolutely no charge. And there is no signup membership fee; at all other poker training sites, you need to pay about $100 just to join or there is no trial period.

The last two points are probably the most important. You can use the 7 days free trial to check the site for yourself, watch videos and evaluate if this is for you. You can even download and save videos for free and watch them later at your leisure. This is better than blind stealing.

If you are interested in joining such a poker video training membership site, choose carefully, as for some of these sites it can be expensive to switch.

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