Does President Obama play poker? And How?

This website is about the new presidency of Barack Obama.

And how it will affect poker and online poker.

One important element if we want to understand what direction his policy with respect to online gambling may take is to assess if President Obama is a poker player or not.

Interestingly, Barack Obama is not just a casual poker player. He is an avid poker player. He learned the game as far back as high school, when he played with his grandfather and with classmates. He is comfortable with many variations of the game such as stud, draw, holdem or more exotic forms.

In 1997, Obama started to become a regular player at a local game in Illinois hosted at the home of Senator Terry Links. There, politicians and lobbyists used to gather for a casual weekly low stake game where both Republicans and Democrats took the pressure off with no political discussion going on, just relaxed chat and jokes.

Barack Obama's playing style has been described as tight cautious, something akin to a rock. He is not a gambler hoping for a miracle card and usually if he is involved in a hand, he has strong cards.

President Obama understands the game of poker very well. He knows how to raise pre flop and understands the odds of each hand and how to avoid traps. Additionally he has a strong poker face, which is not really surprising given his achievements in the political world.

This is very good news for the country as this is the type of solid personality that we need to govern the country. And this is even better news for online poker, because the top guy knows what it is all about.

As a matter of fact after about one year in office, President Obama has demonstrated is support for freedom and for online gambling, and the infamous UIGEA is on its way to getting removed from American legislation. So whatever the poker variant you play online, good news are on the horizon. And note that Carbon is a USA poker site where you can play today!





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