PokerStars Marketing Code

What is the pokerstars marketing code?

The pokerstars marketing code is PSP8181.

When you register for the first time at pokerstars, you will be asked if you have any marketing code. This is optional, but if you input marketing code PSP8181, you can get a great bonus deal.

What you get with this code is a 100% bonus up to $600. So whatever the amount of your first deposit, pokerstars will match it with a bonus of the same amount, up to a maximum of $600.

You will then have six months to "grind" your bonus, i.e. to convert it into real cash. The way to do that is to sit at any real money table, ring game, sit'n go or tournament and to just play online poker. Each time you take part in a raked hand, a small portion of your bonus will be converted.

Pokerstars Marketing code versus other poker bonus codes

In today's competitive online poker environment, nearly all poker rooms offer a poker bonus in one form or another. So how does the pokerstars marketing code compare with other rooms?

In our opinion, it is the best bonus available on the Web.

The benefit of the Pokerstars bonus code is that it applies to your first three deposits, and no other poker room offers such feature.

The advantage is that you do not need to make a large initial deposit in order to fully profit from the bonus, unlike other rooms. For example if a poker room offers a 100% bonus up to $600, it is best to make your first deposit for the full $600, but this is a big commitment for most players.

This dilemma does not exist at pokerstars because you can start with a first deposit as low as say, $25 or $50. You will get a match up bonus of $25 or $50. Then you can see for yourself if you manage to convert that bonus. And more importantly if you like playing online poker at pokerstars.

If you decide that the answer is yes, then you can make one or two more deposits in the 3 months following your registration, and you will still get the 100% bonus.

This is a low risk offer. Anyway as pokerstars is the largest and safest online poker room, this is really letting you be ultra careful with this additional protection. The truth of the matter is that you can also send $600 right away and start playing some real poker.

PokerStars marketing code summary

PokerStars' innovative bonus feature makes it a favorite among savvy online poker players.

In addition, pokerstars has many attractive features on its own, such as satellite tournaments to live events, a great VIP program and the most traffic you will ever need.

Join pokerstars today and use pokerstars marketing code PSP8181.

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